Updated 12-14-05


I've been boat shopping a long time and this is what it came to.

Actually I found a nice used Maxxum in the fall of 2003. Wifey says "why don't you wait until spring and buy a new one". Cool, sounds like a good idea, too late in the year to get any use out of it anyway.

Well spring comes along and my mind was on Road Kings and Dyna Glides , golf is going strong and boats are not occupying my mind at all. Well there was a reason I sold my last bike...for the good of my those two wheeled vehicles run at less than full throttle? Huh mine didn't. Well you get the picture.

Back to boats. I thought about it and decided I didn't want or need a new one. I play too much golf to justify a new boat. Besides that would be too easy. Well a buddy of mine knew that I had been looking around at boats and he mentioned one he had seen that was for sale. He gives me the location and I go take a look. Hmm, a little rough but if the price is right maybe. Well I talk to the guy for a couple hours about it...he said it wouldn't start... but that he had launched and run it a few times earlier in the summer...but when he put the sign on it she wouldn't spark. Well compression was ok and my gut feeling was "I can fix that" so I gave him a few Bills and I had myself a boat er project.

Well I get her home and tinker around a bit turned the key and vroom there is life in this beast. Had it on the water several times and it ran good and I was even beginning to trust it a little when the motor skipped a beat while cruising along about half throttle. Hmm, wonder what that was? Well it wasn't good. Pulled the plugs the next morning and checked compression and ouch #1 was at less than 50#. Last check it was about 105#.

So the journey begins a few months early. When I bought the boat I knew she was a project. Didn't really expect to get the initial use that I did out of it. I think of it as a bonus and a get to know it period.

Project is a 1973 Saf T Mate 16' Commodore trihull with a 1973 115 Johnson.
Pics are as I bought the boat.

If you have any questions comments or literature on Saf T Mate boats please drop me a line. Would like to get a copy of the owners manual.


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