Hull Restoration


WooHoo here we go.
Wreck out of rotten floor and stringers


9-7-04 Didn't take enough before pics but here are a couple.
It's a little rough but it it'll get better.
WOW. There was a reason the floor felt so solid...There was two of them.
Previous owner had 1/2"treated ply sitting on 2x2 frame on top of original floor. And DOW board flotation.
9-8-04 OK here we go. The foor itself was not that bad for being 30 years old. It was soft but the stringers were gone. There was no floatation foam. A side grinder and diamond blade worked well for the cutting.
Some of the glass work from the factory was disappointing. Almost looks like "hurry up it's lunch time". Well it looks like the grinder is going to get a workout.
9-13-04 On to the transom. What I thought was fairly solid really wasn't. Lucky for me and the motoring public that the motor didn't end up in the middle of I-70. Pretty tricky thing to get the grinder into the corners to cut it out.
9-18-04 Sand, sand and sand. What a workout. Got rid of all the lips and edges from the floor and stringer removal. Prepped the entire inside for a new layer of glass. Left the side pod stringers in for now to retain some rigidity.
9-26-04 Had a few little dings that neede some attention. This is the worst of them. Someone apparently got the dock with the the port bow. Cleaned up the edges and it patched nicely.  
Side pod stringers gone now. More sanding and prep work completed. Baby steps but it is coming along.
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