Motor Restoration

1973 115 HP Johnson 115esl73



08-28-04 Before.
Ok, like I said up front she skipped a beat while cruising across the lake. Time to jump in see whats up. Checked compression and #1 was way low. About 50 psi.
Well that being said I found a scored cylinder in #1. Piston all beat up from a broken ring. Bottom line I think it was a carbon problem that broke the ring.
Here are the pics of the pistons. #3 also had a broken ring.
8-29-04 Only one thing to do now and thats pull the motor.
About $20.00 worth of 2x6's and some scrap OSB, a little pl 4000 and some wood screws and
I'm the pround owner of an engine stand. Sorry but no pic of the stand.
As most all of you know there are bunch of parts to keep track of so most of these pics
are taken from a reassembly point of veiw.
Even the factory manual does't give detailed pics of most of the assembly so I did. Looked to me like the routing of the wiring would be the most difficult.  
Stator has seen it's better days. Potting compound oozing everywhere from the charge coils.  
Not quite sure what the pic of the crank was for but here it is.  
10-?-04 Fast forward...Hey I have a hull that needs attention too. Weather is not cooperating with the hull work so it's back to the motor. Decided while I'm at it might as well go through everything.  
The entire swivel bracket and transom assembly is getting a face lift. New bushings, seals and paint.
Never did like the Johnson green.
Some "after" pics of the swivel assembly  
Happy New Year While waiting for parts I assembled the block dry without the moving parts,cleaned,primed and painted the bock. Then cleaned up all the hardware prior to final assembly. A lot of masking of machined surfaces was required.
Block was bored .020 over. New Wiseco pistons bearings seals bushings. payed a lot of attention to detail. Well except for the smudge of grease on the camera lense.
The stator gets replaced as does the rectifier and its dry and cracked wires.
Starting to take shape and looking pretty good too!.
Almost ready for the turn of the key.
Replaced the vinyl sheath that encased the trigger conductors from the timer base to the power pack. Old vinyl was stiff and hindered the movement of the timer base. Used a nylon mesh sleeving from the electronics supply house. $.70 a foot.
SHE RUNS ! Started right up.( after power pack decided to fire ) Synched the carbs. Set idle timing per manual. Installed new idle jets. Went from 30's to 32's per Boyesen direction for their reeds. Seems to be a little rich but we'll see how it plays out. New power pack coming as well. Thoroughly went thru the trouble shooting of ignition. Power pack is not very trustworthy. If it fails to fire a couple taps on the PP case and it brings it to life.